Denial of service attacks

Denial of Service attack (DoS) is a type of attack used by hackers. It attacks a network, normally high profile networks by sending a huge amount of useless traffic to the network. This will bring many networks to their knees, which can be a major concern. There are many fixes for these DoS attacks but as viruses there are many different types and many new ones are being created all the time.




Phishing is when you send an email claiming to be a legitimate business asking for your personal information to be updated but are really only directing a user to a website that steals any information they have entered. Phishing is major concern since many users can be easily convinced by these emails and they can cause serious problems for many people.



Spam are emails or documents that have been sent you from an unknown or untrustworthy sender. Spam is infamous for being filled with viruses, Misinformation and useless business proportions that only cause trouble and can lead to phishing.


Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a concern in some countries as is other types of bullying but a major concern of bullying comes from the fact it is harder to avoid if you have an active social life. Since many young people have access to the internet at a young age the normally attach themselves to it and won’t let it go which is the cause for Cyber Bullying become such a problem. The difference between cyber bullying and other kinds of bullying is that Cyber bullying is totally based on the internet and social networks, this can make it for young people really hard to avoid.



The Ethics

Privacy Of Information


Logically it makes sense for a large portion of the internets information to be inaccessible, since a large portion of the internets information is contained in many different organisation which store their organisations information on there. If we could access all the information on the internet it would be a chaotic place of misinformation and a large lack of privacy.


Since the internet is a world wide accessible network it is accessible from any country as long as there is a single but some countries are blocked which is a major implication if you are looking for specific information which can be found on a specific countries site.

Nationally (UK)

Nationally the government have to follow many different regulations, such as if they ask for our information they:

-Have to inform us of why they need this information.
-They have to keep the information secure.
-They cannot make it available for commercial use.





With I.T being integrated into society the concerns of plagiarism have increased with the internet containing a near infinite amount of information. This causes some problems when it comes to plagiarism since without checking the work you cannot be sure the work you receive from someone is completely theirs.



 The copyright law is there to protect people who have produced original work. It prevents anyone from legally downloading or acquiring work produced by other people, people who still do may be fined or imprisoned.